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Buildings in Orange County Could Be Completely Self Sufficient

Buildings in Orange County Could Be Completely Self Sufficient

In order to effectively generate Solar Energy, there are two essential components; you need the sun, and you need rooftop space. In the OC, there is a shortage of either making it the perfect place to harvest yourself some naturally generated energy and do your bit for the                                                                                            planet, whilst saving money at the same time.

Best Solar Regions in the US

In a report that was published by the National Renewable Energy Labs, The OC is ranked amongst the best solar-ready regions in the country. The much-loved city of Mission Viejo was number one in a report which was conducted by an agency to look at the average amount of rooftop space per person. It is estimated that more than 85% of the energy that is used in the city, could actually be generated by solar power alone.

The great news for solar businesses in The OC is that Mission Viejo is just one of the many cities across the county with plenty of roof space and just as much, if not more sunshine.

Solar Energy Generated in The OC

In the same rooftop survey that was conducted, it was established that as a state, California would be able to generate almost three-quarters of the energy that it consumed if it switched to solar powered energy.
Interestingly, for residents of The OC, it was concluded that the average household rooftop could produce more energy than was used over the course of the year.


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