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Expected Lifetime of Solar Panels In The OC

Expected Lifetime of Solar Panels In The OC

There are many solar panel businesses in The OC who all use different manufacturers for their solar panels, a common question that gets asked is about the expected lifetime of a solar panel.

The great news for anyone who is considering getting solar panels installed in their homes in The OC is that solar panels are incredibly long-lasting and extremely durable.

Is It Costly to Maintain A Solar Panel?

There are no intricate parts such as with other technology objects such as computers chips or sensitive moving parts. In fact, there are not very many moving parts at all in a solar panel. This means there are fewer parts to be worn-out or worn-down. This means that a solar panel does need frequent maintenance and support.

In most cases, once installed, a solar panel can stay in situ for more than 30 years. The solar panel just needs to stay in one place and soak up the sunshine – it has an easy life!

With some solar panels that were installed as far back as the early 1990’S, they are still performing perfectly. The main difference between the solar panels used today is that they weigh a lot less and look a little more visually appealing.

It is stated that on average, a solar panel will lose less than 0.5% of performance annually. This is mostly due to the environment and exposure. This means ever after 30 years they can still function at around 85% of their original outputs.

If you are thinking about buying solar panels for your home in The OC, there has never been a better time to do so. The climate in this area is ideal for solar panels, and the cost of the solar panels in The OC has recently improved making it a very affordable choice with the various tax incentives available.\


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