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Disneyland Resort Installs Solar Panels

Disneyland Resort in Orange County has joined the race for dominance of clean energy in the state with the installation of its solar panels to power the theme park. It had previously depended on the national grid until it upgraded with a new solar installation. Solar power generation is the happening thing today, and Disneyland Resort would not like to be caught napping. You may not be able to see the solar panels when you visit Disneyland Resort by simply looking around. However, a climb to the top of the Radiator Springs Racers will show you the series of shiny solar panels installed here.

The installation happened in the early part of August 2016. They were installed at the apex of the Disney California Adventure show building. The installation is completed already, and the park is now receiving most of its electrical supply from solar power generated onsite in Orange County.

The director of the park operation, Matt Gray stated that the intention of Disneyland Resort is to run environmental-friendly operations. He also declared that the theme park desires to reduce its dependence on the national grid. Hence the vigorous effort put into the Orange County solar energy generation.

1,400 solar panels installed

During the installation process, up to 1,400 panels were installed, which happens to be the very first time this would be done at a Disneyland Resort. The installation stretched across 40,000 square feet, and the power generated by the 1,400 panels can power up to 100 homes in Anaheim.

As at today, the total energy generated is not enough to power all the activities at Disneyland resort; some buildings are not connected to the solar power source. Asked if there are plans to connect these other buildings, the Resort officials said there are no such plans for such in the immediate. The official, however, stated that plans might change in the future leading to the inclusion of these other buildings in its solar energy plan.

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