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National Guard at Los Alamitos to Start Sizeable Solar Power Project

A detailed and in-depth Environmental Assessment is now underway at the Joint Forces Training Base (JFTB) in Los Alamitos, California.

This project is set to be significant in size and value. The Californian National Guard of the Army is seriously investigating the effects that a solar installation could have, along with any operational challenges that may arise from a new renewable energy generation project (REGF).

Commencement of Solar Construction in Los Alamitos

Going by the proposal alone, JFTC is looking to get started with this project as early at Summer of 2018.
If for any reason, the main grid was to go down, whether that be for Storm Damage or another significant incident, this means that the JFTC would be able to get power from this source once it is complete. More importantly, this means that the emergency and military emergency response services could still be provided in the event of a total loss of power or a major power cut.

JFTC is the only facility big enough in Los Angeles to support an emergency-support operation. The base currently operates by using backup generators in such a scenario, a method which puts a strain on their ability to be able to provide vital emergency services that would be needed for a broad scale, emergency response.

Concerns with Solar Project in Los Alamitos

There are a number of genuine concerns that need to be worked through in great detail before the go-ahead for this project can be considered. One of the major areas of concern from those at the base relates to the potential for glare from the panels, which could affect air traffic operations at Los Alamitos, along with any residents who are also local to the base.

The EA report is also needed so that there is a deeper understanding of the impact this solar installation in Los Angeles could have to the environment and to those who live close by. The different factors that will be reviewed in detail will be: Geology, Environmental Justice, Toxic Substances, Air Quality, Socioeconomics, Human Health and Safety, Utilities, Topography, Noise, Water Resources, Soils Cultural Resources, Traffic and Transportation, Infrastructure and Hazardous Substances.

This report is extremely thorough and will provide all of the needed information in order for the JFTC to be able to make the right decision.

The US Army are keen to implement such projects as this due to their Energy, Security and Sustainment strategy that was rolled out in a bid to have a range of secure energy sources at carefully and strategically placed in locations throughout the US.

Source Article: http://www.oc-breeze.com/2017/04/21/100132_joint-forces-training-base-initiate-major-solar-energy-project/

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