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Retail Giant Wal-Mart Set to Lead the Way in Solar Adoption

Wal-Mart is leading the way with the adoption of solar and is partnering with Advanced Microgrid Solutions to run solar projects at almost 30 different locations across Southern California.

What is on Offer?

A range of solar products and projects will be made available to Wal-Mart with no upfront costs whatsoever to be made by the company.

Advanced Grid Flexibility is being offered to that the site has a better overall balance of on-site energy at the various Wal-Mart store locations.

Installation of Behind-The-Meter batteries

AMS are creating and installing everything from scratch. They will also be providing significant on-site energy savings along with grid services to Wal-Mart. The company will also be responsible for battery management in conjunction with the load of the building. Additionally, all on-site solar or other power generation will also be managed by AMS.

Doing a remarkable deal with Wal-Mart has enabled this start-up to excel and advance its offerings. They have referred to this project specifically in the press as a “hybrid electric building” that will operate with maximum efficiency, reducing energy costs whilst being flexible enough to be used for Utility requirements as well.

Demand for Micro-Grids are Rising

Having some autonomy from the central power grid is a rising trend, and one that is rapidly expanding not just locally or even nationally; it is becoming a global movement.

A Micro-Grid has been defined by the US Department of Energy as a collection of loads and distributed energy resources (DERS) that are interconnection. It is an entity that can be controlled as a singular being, but it can also be linked to the main grid if required as well. Having a unique operational ability to operate as a stand-alone or connected source.

DERS are put to use by Microgrids and can be formed from any number of storage systems for energy. This could include; Combustion Turbines, Battery Energy Systems, Diesel Generators or PV Solar Arrays. The variety of inputs increases the overall strength and flexibility of a resource.

Having a robust way to power a business in the event of a natural disaster or similar is now at the forefront of the minds of those in business who need a sustainable and reliable way to back-up their vital supply of power.
As a final note, it is important to credit Wal-Mart who recently, were able to play a crucial role in supplying power to one of their local communities, helping to keep them safe.




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