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The Community of Orange County Earns Solar Recognition

As part of a new government-backed initiative, the OC has been recognised and officially honoured as ‘SolSmart’. This incentive is designed to boost the solar sector, and give a welcome injection of funding to specific states and regions. Carrboro and Chapel Hill are also amongst those who have been named as winners.

Out of almost 60 different communities across the nation, Orange County was awarded a Bronze status from the United Stated Department of Energy, as part of their SunShot incentive that was first started in 2016. The great news for solar in Orange County is that while this is a superb achievement in its own right; there is still the silver and gold levels to aim for. Giving, even more, an incentive to do more, and increase the uptake of solar throughout the region.

Boosting Solar Investment in the OC

The OC, along with Carrboro and Chapel Hill were all praised for a number of initiatives that have helped them to increase the opportunity for investment in their respective regions. Changes have been made to permitting, zoning, planning, codes, development regulations, community engagement and more.

Across all three cities, there are almost 30 million people who are being represented. The reason they were presented with this recognition is to do with the effort that has been directed towards cutting the red tape and making it easier for people in those places to get lower prices for their solar energy and also by making their cities officially open for solar business by eradicating barriers to success.

Some of the changes made to boost solar in the OC have included:

Removing red tape in the approval process offering a more efficient process
Enhancing business prospects for going solar by the removal of permitting challenges
Reducing the cost associated with solar installations allowing for a bigger ROI

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