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New Solar Speed Signs Get installed in The OC

In a bid to reduce the speeds of individual vehicles on the Santiago Canyon Road, Silverado: new solar speed signs have installed.

The new solar speed awareness signs will display the current speed your vehicle is travelling at as you drive past this signs. There is going to be five of the feedback placed along an eleven mile stretch of road. The limit for the entire stretch is 55 miles per hour.

These measures are necessary because of the increasing number of speeding individuals who zip down the road at speeds way more than that limit. This has had a knock-on effect on road safety, and there have been a significant enough number of accidents on this road to warrant these actions.

With testing of the solar signs complete, they are now firmly in place and fully operational. Public Works who installed the signs are hoping to enhance the safety on the road for cyclists, pedestrians and drivers in the Canyon area.

Not the First-Time Solar Signs Have Been Used in the OC

Public Works confirmed that this would not be the first deployment of solar-powered signs in the County. In fact, just last year, solar signs were put in place across a number of locations. Oso Parkway, Orange Park Boulevard and Gilbert Street have all installed these signs.

Because of the volume of traffic on the Santiago Canyon Road along with its connectivity to Cooks Corner, Irvine Lake and Lake Forest Portola Hills, there is a real need to get this speeding under control in order to avoid more fatalities.

The cost of this solar project is said to be around $100,000; funding has been provided by the County Road Fund.
However, opinion is divided about whether or not these new solar signs in the OC will actually make a difference at all. Although some feel positive about the signs, there are others who think the newly installed speed reader may encourage people to see how big a number they can score and how fast they can go.

All projects that use solar powered products in the OC are seen as a boost regarding the overall cost of ongoing maintenance and operations; it is also another great way that solar powered products are helping the communities, in this case, to stay safe.

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